Sunday, October 07, 2007

So I'm trying to post a comment on a friend's blog here on Bloggerdotcom. And I sign in with what I think is my Google username - I got a Google account a couple'a months ago, but I guess I can't remember my login information, because it wouldn't let me use it to log in. So I type in my all purpose Email address and password and hope it lets me leave a comment. Whee- it does. But it signs the post with my alias name, and I dunno how it figured that out from my email address (although I guess these websites are getting pretty smart), and then I see that it is a link and I click it, and Voila, I end up here, in a blog I set up five years ago! Wow. I'd forgotten all about it.

It is pretty cool, it now saves drafts automaticaly - which would have saved me a lot of trouble on my other blog last week. Which is Tracy's Blog let's see if that works...

So, to anyone who finds me here, come find me in my regular blog home at MySpace, or send me an email, or do a little dance and have some haggis. I love you all, my adoring fan(s).

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