Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fiesta Tent Sale

The highlight of my vacation was our last stop on the way home, at the Flatwoods Outlet Mall. I knew that the Fiesta Outlet was hosting their annual Seconds Tent Sale, because I follow HLC on Facebook. I'm not saying I planned my entire vacation around the event, but there was a reason we left on Thursday - so we would be passing through Flatwoods on the first day of the Tent Sale!

A little more than halfway through the line to check out at the sale!

I only purchased one crate of stuff, and I am proud to say it cost me less than the retail price of one place setting. I guess if you add in the value of an hour of my life standing in line in 90 degree heat... it was still worth every sweaty moment. To be surrounded by all that color! To hear the din of plates clacking against one another, old women slamming the bowls against the pallets to separate them... Friendly chatting in the mile long line. It was time well spent in my opinion.

Part of my sale booty, the small Peacock Mixing Bowl being the crown jewel find!

Mugs, drying on my stove, for Seester!


Barbara Nicholson said...

What FUN!! Beautiful colors, I love it.

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

Wow. I thought it was a trunk show (which is quite different from a tent sale.) I should have given you some money ;(...
But, boy are those pictures pretty~ and I love the big blue bowl, too. And the chili bowls, and the java mugs. Nice work.

And that guy in shorts and a red shirt reminded me of your Dad. I thought: what's he doing there? hahahahah I'm nuts.
Yo Mamma.

Trisha said...

WoW!! THANKS!! I have been searching for "java" mugs all summer. (No one wanted to drive to Newell with me...)

I can't wait!! WOO!!

**I'm also super jealous of that mixing bowl too!! ;) Although I have no room for such beauties at this point.

Nice pictures too!