Thursday, August 19, 2010

Produce Time!

The bins from Round Right Farm CSA were full to bursting with good stuff this week! All local, all organic, and ALL DELICIOUS! I just ate one of the big tomatoes for my lunch, and it was the tomato I have been waiting all summer to taste.

I really lucked out this week, because I didn't get a spot on the CSA list this year, but since they drop off the produce for South Park at the bakery and several somebodies didn't come pick up their shares yesterday (on vacation, maybe?), we got to split up the bounty and take it home so it wouldn't go to waste.

What shall I do with TWO KINDS OF BEETS? Sorry for yelling but beets just make me SO HAPPY. Corn, shallots, peppers, cucumber, onions, carrots, lettuce, red potatoes, green beans, four different kinds of tomatoes, and did I mention both red and golden BEETS? Mom, are you coming over for supper?


Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

You worked miracles with two cukes and little tomatoes. I'll expect something delicious from the beets on Sunday. Are you coming over? I know the tommytoes will be gone by then ;-) We could have stone soup: I'll get the stone and you get the rest ;-)
Enjoy your fleeting days of summer.

Serafina said...

Stone Soup is the BEST! But we already ate the beets. I'll bring you some more - Delia can go to the Farmers Market on Saturday to get me some green tomatoes, and I'll make her get some beets too even though she HATES them.:)

Trisha said...

I have a recipe for Beet Hummus if you think Delia might eat that. I've never tried it, but hope to if we ever get beets in our CSA... hasn't happened yet.

Serafina said...

Sister, send me that beet hummus recipe (or post it) and I'll trade you the recipe for Shocking Beet Dressing - it only requires one beet, but it is yummy.

Melita said...

oh my gosh! look at all of that yummy goodness! couldn't get a csa this time, but am signed up for next year holla!! ;) hugs!!