Friday, June 20, 2008

Ikea Rules!

The original reason (legitimate cover) for my recent girl trip to Pittsburg was to visit Ikea, so we could all get good stuff for our homes (my friend Katie also just bought a house, and my other friend Lisa likes all things Sweedish [ok, not really]). I picked out this nifty pot rack and hanging spice rack thingie, in black, to match my cast iron cookware. I also got a matching magnetic knife strip, but we haven't figured out where to put it yet.
The big ticket item I picked up in IKEA land was this bench/table/storage unit. It wouldn't fit in Katie's car, so I had to have it shipped home. Lucky for me Katie got a whole new living room full of stuff, so it got to ride south in the truck with that. Otherwise I'd have bought a skateboard and tied it to the bumper of her car with the free twine they have just sitting outside the store, because shipping from Pittsburgh to Motown costs a mere ten dollars less than the price of the bench!!! It will fit nicely in front of my mural once we throw away the TV - I mean find someplace else for the TV to sit (the TV is crowding my bench, it is out of the picture on the left side, wedged into the corner since that's where the cable comes into the house). Keith and Delia put this bench together while I was at work on Tuesday, and they were finishing up when I got home. They're Great! I'm going to find baskets or something to fit in the cubbie holes, so Delia can keep all her arts and crafts stuff off the coffee table I brought home several other neat-o things from the land of Flat Packaging, but they're not up yet, so I'll show them to ya when they are. One thing we did hang this week was my anniversary present from my Husband, a set of paintings by Malissa Goff, titled "Voodo Girl" which I saw on her MySpace many long months ago and told Keith they'd look good in our living room (actually I think what I said was "I must have that girl with the antlers") and so he secretly got them for me. The painintgs are really shiny and it was hard for me to photograph them without getting a bunch of glare... But you can come to my house and see them in person. :)

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Charlotte said...

I am jealous of your Ikea purchases. They are way cool. I loved those paintings when I saw them on her website. I think they will look awesome in your living room.