Monday, June 02, 2008

We installed a shiny new mailbox today! The old one was kind of rusty and busted up, and the little red flag was missing. We send out way too many Netflix mailers to live without a little red flag!

Just using the pre-drilled holes provided by the mailbox manufacturer wasn't enough, because the thing was still wobbly and droopy and just not right. SO, we took a few scrap pieces of pressure treated lumber left over from the handrail project and put them inside the mailbox. It was my job to hold the little pieces of wood tightly so that when Keith sent the screw whirring through the mailbox, there would be something there for the screw to bite into. Well, I don't know if I am a 98 lb weakling or if I was just so incredibly afraid of that GIANT wood screw coming through the railing, the mailbox, and then my HAND (who can say, it Looked like it was too short, but hey, it's my HAND we're talking about here!). Anyway, the mailbox is pretty well secured, after several attempts and two small pieces of scrap wood and four enormous wood screws. Now Our Netflix will be secure, and my creepy mailman will have something new to comment about. (I know he's just some guy doing his job, but he really is a little creepy - he delivers mail to the bakery too, and every girl who works there agrees with me... One time I was on my break outside reading, and he came up behind me and started massaging my shoulders. I threatened to kick his ass that time, and he hasn't touched me since, but he still kind of leers, and stands around just watching us with a creepy smile on his face. He knows where I LIVE!!! But I do think I could kick his ass if I had to, he's kind of old.)

We also went to Target today (I love Target) and did our necessity shopping - cat food, cat litter, razors, PARTY LIGHTS! Ok, the lights aren't exactly necessary, but they are way nicer than the glaring back porch light bulb, and way safer than the candles I set out this weekend. I stuck tapers into the dirt, and at one point one of my guests said to me "Are you trying to burn off all this vegetation?" So the electric lights are safer and awfully pretty, and they were ON SALE, which makes them even better (I am not kidding anyone, I can't buy shower gel that isn't on sale).

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Charlotte said...

I love Target and your lights are really cute. Just hope you don't have stupid neighbors who yell out the window (over top of non-stop Pink Floyd) that you still have your Christmas lights up! hehee