Monday, July 07, 2008

Since our big 4th of July camping adventure was rather rudley rained out on Friday, and everyone was pretty glum, I decided we had to do something. On Saturday my package from WV State Parks came, our enrolment in the Very Important Parks Person program. I explained it to Keith and Delia, and gave each of them the card they could stamp at each adventure destination. By noon on Sunday I had the family packed up and raring to go to Cathedral State Park, to check out the Ancient Hemlock Forest!

It was nice and sunny in Morgantown when we got in the car, but by the time we got into Preston county, the sky had turned dark and rain was threatening. The drive out Rt 7 was beautiful, untill it started pouring down rain. I kept saying that we'd drive out from under the clouds, and Delia doubted me. We took Rt 72 to 50, following the Cheat River for a while, and though the rain pounded us mercilessly, the sun was trying to come out! It dried up a few minutes before we made it to Cathedral State Park, but as we climbed out of the Beetle, thunder rumbled overhead. Delia and I found the ranger's office and the VIPP stamp for our cards. I found a trail map. I can't wait to get out into the woods... And then the sky opened up.

My husband was pretty grouchy by this time, he's still really mad at the rain for canceling our camping trip. So I am trying to have the adventureous spirit, but I wore shorts and it is freezing. Delia is cheerful, she would love to hike in the rainforest, but her Dad wants a cup of coffee. So we pile back into the car and go back down the road in search of something open. We finally find Donna Jean's Family Restaurant, where a surly teenage boy wordlessly hands us menus and we get cups of absolutely awful coffee. The rain shows no signs of stopping, Keith is so grumpy waves of negativity are frying the last vestiges of my hopeful good mood like microwaves. I decide I can't take anymore and suggest we go home. Delia will not be defeated, she wants to go on to Blackwater Falls. I can't understand why walking around in the rain at Blackwater Falls will make them any happier than walking around in the rain at the freaking park I wanted to visit, but I say OK. Then the silliness ensues...

Once we made it to Blackwater Falls, the rain had slacked off a little. We bought these really dorky ponchos to walk down to the falls, and so we took the 200 or so steps down to the overlook. Delia had a great time. I didn't get to hike, but maybe next time. Pictures to follow in another post.


Charlotte said...

For some reason their idea is always better than our idea. I am glad you guys had a semi-good time anyway.

bnicholson said...

The video of Blackwater Falls rocks!