Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Place for Pottery

This afternoon Keith and I took a little trip to Goodwill. We left the house to get a bag of coffee at the Giant Eagle, but the car was so close to the Goodwill parkinglot that it just sorta ended up there of it's own accord. I LOVE browsing there, and if I want to buy something I can because most things I want are 59 cents.

Today I decided I would make an effort to blog about things that make me HAPPY, instead of wallowing in my misery. So here are two things that make me happy, both are hand thrown and glazed.

This one I bought at Goodwill a few months ago, and I discovered on my last camping trip that it holds Exactly 12 ounces (of beer).

This one I found today, and it made me incredibly happy. It has a swirl in the inside. I think I will put it on my nightstand to hold earrings and rings and such.

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charlotte said...

Those are really pretty! I love the Goodwill. Ours is right across the street from my gym so I can usually find time to go (when the girls cooperate).