Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stress Relief

Not the healthiest thing, maybe, but man, there is nothing like jumping in your car and turning up the radio, then driving down the interstate as fast as you can, belting out the words of your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. I am so glad to have my little car back, I am so glad that I bought that DeVotchKa CD, and I am glad that I made it to Mom's without getting arrested for speeding! (I was only keeping up with traffic, officer, can I help it if traffic was going 80?)

In other news, my Dad is still in the Health Care Hoosegow. Who knows when he'll be home... At least we made him laugh a little this evening with videos on the camera from Delia's Party and earlier today when we went Leaf Jumping (I'll put that stuff up once I edit it). Delia and I got a lesson in health science when we watched the nurse put the IV in Grandpa's hand, it didn't hurt a bit he said. The nurse took one out of the package and showed it to us up close - and I learned that there really isn't a needle left in your skin when you get an IV, that there is a little tube made of Teflon which stays in your vein instead. Wonders never cease!
The IV was for a Heparin Drip, which is a blood thinner, which is to dissolve the blood clots they found in his lungs when he had a CT scan. I guess blood clots in the lungs could potentially float around and get stuck in your brain (to give you a stroke), or heart (to give you a heart attack). But I watched the nurse administer the Heparin, which she said was fast-acting, so I hope he'll be home in a day or two. He said he wasn't really bored there, because they DO have the History Channel on TV.

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charlotte said...

I love driving really fast too. Fortunately so does everyone on the interstate around here. I am sorry your dad is not home yet. I really hope things improve for him.