Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Morning from the Cat

Sunday Mornings, sometimes I get up early, sometimes I try to catch up on my sleep deficit. This morning is grey and cloudy in Morgantown, so I wasn't sure whether I was early or not. It's been drizzling off and on these last few days, sometimes opening up and pouring like mad. When we were in Target yesterday, I could hear the rain get serious - you know how it sounds on those flat shopping center rooves. I overheard a mom say to her boys "Aww, listen to that rain! And I left the umbrella in the car." and her son responded like some Midwestern farmer "Won't do much good there, will it?"
So this morning what made me crack the sleep off my eyelids was Nerfa. He put his front feet on my shoulder and purred into my face. Automatically I rolled over onto my stomach. Nerfa, who weighs 15 lbs, took that as an invitation and parked himself right in the middle of my back. His sweet little head purring as loudly as he could right into my ear. It would have been pleasant, I guess, if he hadn't weighed 15 lbs, or maybe if my mattress was a bit newer... Anyhow, I let him sit there and serenade me till I almost couldn't breathe and my lower back was ready to snap.
We got up, and the clock in the bathroom informed me that it was almost 9 am. Amazing that nobody else is awake! Whee! Free time! All Right! I am cheering inside my head as I brush my teeth. Nerfa is all the while circling my feet - He would be less dangerous if he were a normal sized cat, but you gotta watch with him - one misstep and you're tripping over a huge furry white obstacle. He purrs so loudly, and he's pretty strong, and once he decides you are the one who must refill his food dish, he does not relent.
Then, from Delia's room, I hear her timid call "Here Kitty Kitty... Here Nerfa."
So I stumble in and give her a good morning hug and she accepts, and hugs me. I know she's only 8 but sometimes she's sullen as a teenager and I don't always know why, so I'm thankful this morning. "Give me 5 minutes before you get in the shower, I have to make coffee."
"Okay Mom." and she reaches out her arms again for another hug. Sweet.

So now coffee is made, this blog is typed, and I can no longer hear the shower running, so we'll be having breakfast soon. Delia was invited to go see a WVU women's basketball game this afternoon, her cousin Naomi's team is playing at Halftime. We went to Old Navy yesterday to scrounge some appropriate Green and Gold attire. She's going to lunch with her cousins and their Dad, and then to the game, and they'll be home around 4. So we're not going to Clarksburg today. So Mom said to be sure to write in this blog so she could tell Grandma and Dad what was going on. I felt really guilty about staying home (probably influenced by those hormones!). Not like I don't have enough work to do here, around the house. Administrative Duties, here I come.


Patsy said...

Cats are good. Calico slept with me last night. Even though I toss and turn - threatening to roll over on her.
Our day here is pretty quiet - grey and blustery. . . spittles of snow - some round ball, some melt-a-way-flakes.
I am going to the grocery soon as Brenda gets here.
Then, I'll work on my grades for school. Maybe...
I paid Grandma's bills and must mail them before morning. Administrative duties. ha, ha.
I'm watching the Astronaut's wife (w/ Johnny Depp?) in the basement - a better choice that the History channel of the Food channel.
I'll tell the folks that youall are ok and still humming along.
I love you.

charlotte said...

It has been cold, rainy and windy here. The girls hate being cooped up in the house and are threatening a hostile take over. I am glad this morning looks sunnier.