Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Tree Morning

Today Delia's school was on a two hour delay, so we finally had some time together at home to Decorate The Christmas Tree!

Initally I was horrified that the two of them had drug out the box of ornaments into the hideous mess that is the living room. Tissue paper everywhere on top of who knows what kind of trash, and cds out of their cases, Wii controllers and their various parts all over the place, the one failed popcorn strand soggy and dog-nibbled lying on the floor under the coffee table. In fact I wanted to go right back to bed. But I didn't. And the sun was streaming in the front window, highlighting the smile on Delia's face as she hung her favorite ornaments, I just had to let go of my need for order and let this fun happen while there was time.
These are two of my favorite ornaments, The Blair Witch Star (dubbed so by Keith) and Tom Waits, hand painted by my friend John Jacob.

So Keith is off to Xmas shop AGAIN, as he had very little success last time, and I am going to try to clean my freaking house up so I can enjoy Christmas.


A Chicken said...

Pretty tree! It's huge!!

Serafina said...

We always get the biggest tree we can possibly fit in the house. Part of Keith's quest to be better than the Grizwalds.

annihilator! said...

What can I say? I like Christmas.