Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tommy Holiday

So Delia is spending the night with her Grandma Constance tonight. I just finished a busy week at work, and am looking forward to a hot shower and two hours of just sitting down. Keith is going Christmas shopping.
The poor man looked like he was preparing to enter a war zone. I tried to give him a pep talk, to remind him that not all holiday shoppers are potential jerks. He quoted the Boy Scout Handbook to me, "Be Prepared." I grumbled about how he needs to try and hold onto a positive attitude. He told me that when you grow up in a war zone, it changes the way you look at things.
Now, I know he doesn't mean war zone like Korea, obviously. But apparently life in the blue collar neighborhoods of 80's Recession West Virginia was slightly different than life a couple of miles away where I grew up. He then recounted to me a story from his youth. The time Tommy Holiday stole his bike. Update: He wrote it! Click here for the story
I can't tell you the story, but maybe if we badger Keith a bit he will. It made me laugh, but it also reminded me that when and where you grow up Does change the way you look at things.
Then we got to talking about health care reform and lawsuit abuse... When Keith gets stressed he finds something righteous to rail against with all his pent up frustration. I wasn't letting him demonize the human race in the form of Holiday Shoppers, but lawyers and insurance agents can take the abuse. After he vented, I sent him on his way. I hope he has fun. I am going to put on some relaxing music and wash off three days of accumulated flour.

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Charlotte said...

Keith is such a special little man! I hope you enjoyed your quiet evening.