Sunday, January 18, 2009


Note: Click the title of the post to open a window with the song, if you want to hear it. Do it now, and it'll be over by the time you finish the post... if you read slow.

I don't know if kids today still know what a radio dedication is. When I was a kid, radio stations still had Disc Jockeys, and you could call them up and request songs. And then when they played them, they would say something like "This one's going out to Keith from Tracy" or "To my baby, come home soon, from your little bunny" or whatever. I listened during the dedication hour, hoping that someone would send me a song (nobody ever did of course) and I never called in either. But there was something sweet and touching about that kind of public declaration of love, or compassion, or whatever sentiment the dedicator intended. Because sometimes songs can convey an emotional message that we less eloquent folks can't get across with mere words. And even though nobody ever dedicated a song to me, I liked listening.
And now my problem is always that my sweeties don't necessarily like the kind of music that inspires me to want to make a dedication. (And also that the only radio show that might still do dedications is the John Tesh Radio Network, and nobody but my Mom will admit to listening to that!)

So this song has been in my head for a week, the Pandora station we listen to at work plays it two or three times a day. And every time I hear it I think about a different person I love, and why I want them to listen to it. Even though it sounds a lot like Dave Matthews and I don't know anybody who Likes Dave Matthews, whatever! It's only three minutes long! You'll live.


bnicholson said...

Yes, either John Tesh or the Delila program.
I like some of Dave Matthews stuff ;-)

A Chicken said...

I like Dave Matthews, too! Hope you'll still love me. :-)

Serafina said...

I still love you both, but if you come to Morgantown you'll have to go hang out at the head shop with the rest of the stinky hippies. :)