Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Southern Living

If you happen to be somewhere near a magazine stand, pick up the March issue of Southern Living and flip to page 31. You see those chocolate chip cookies there in the picture? I MADE THEM! Yeah, that's right. My cookies are in a national magazine. Not the recipe, cause then I'd probably get in trouble for using the one off the bag of Toll House Morsels. :) Before you buy the magazine though, you should read the article they printed about Morgantown. Apparently here in WV we are "on the cusp of cool" or something like that. Like, all it will take for MoTown to become cool is if a bunch of swankers (that's a new word I just made up today, it means smarmy wankers) from the Southern Living readership come up here and grace us with their presence. Whatevs, I hope they do come to visit, and spend their money in Morgantown, and feel superior to the "granola crunchers" mentioned in the article. >grumble<

Our little bakery got national press! That's so freaking awesome.


A Chicken said...

I am so Going to Borders tomorrow! Wonder if they carry it here?

bnicholson said...

I think I have the March issue! I will save it!
By the way, did you notice the two page advertisement for Dillards? Features SQUARE fiestaware. I can't find that anywhere, not that I need or want it, I just wanted to "see" it...Eddie cringed at the thought of more HLC boxes stacked in our living room.

annihilator! said...

Geez...if only we could be as cool as the South.