Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Girl's Gone Child: The Sleeping Habits of Honeymooners

Girl's Gone Child: The Sleeping Habits of Honeymooners

I have a hard time remembering things from when my daughter was small. It seems like a lifetime ago! But occasionally I will stumble upon something that jogs my memory, and this post from Rebecca at Girl's Gone Child really did it for me.

We weren't co-sleepers, exactly, Delia had a crib about two feet from my bed, but we did spend an awful lot of time curled up together in the bed. I remember a time when she was maybe a year old, one of the last times that she and I would nap together like that, the way she fit so perfectly against my body... with the two of us curled up together it was almost like we were one person again.

Sometimes, we'll both be crammed together on the couch watching TV, and her elbow quits poking me, and my knee isn't tickling her leg, we'll settle into a moment of bliss. Just a ginormous hug that brightens the whole world up for a moment.
It is super special because she's growing up now, she doesn't always want her old Mom sniffing her hair. I hear "I need some space!" so often nowadays that it doesn't even break my heart anymore. We still have sweet moments, although they happen in unexpected places.

Anyway... Cuddle and Sniff your baby if you have one! She won't sit still for it forever!


Emma said...

So timely T. Ciaran actually sat on my lap and snuggled while watching a bit of Thomas the Tank Engine last nite. And yes, I did sniff he hair and kiss him often :)

LadyElmo said...

Thank you, dear sister, for this post... and the link. I love GGC. And I love the sweetness of snuggling with my baby. I try to treasure every moment. If only I had a better memory! I catch myself trying to burn these precious moments into my mind... Even now, I'm afraid I'm forgetting the little moments: How she felt on my chest as a wee tiny newborn, the length of her teeny fingers compared to my own... the ever-popular "that's my kid" smell.... :) Even her stinky little feet... I could literally eat them!