Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random BlogThoughts

Yesterday was April Fools, and nobody but Delia tried any silliness with me. She came home from school yelling "Don't look at my report card!" and wailing "MATH!" in an anguished voice. I almost bought it, for a minute, but then Keith came in with the report card and it was all As. She has such a cavalier attitude about it, I worry sometimes. Sort of, "yeah, I always get straight As, what's on TV?" that I am afraid there isn't enough in school to challenge her. But we can't afford private school, and we try to engage her in interesting and challenging things at home... and she DID beat my brother in law at Scrabble (abet with a bit of coaching from my sister and I) so I think she's doing OK. Over dinner she expressed concern about a few of her friends' grades, and I wonder how much of our success is parenting and how much is genetic. My Mom always says we have good genes.

In other news, we're taking a road trip this weekend to Virginia, where we will see Ryan and Rachel and Becca, and Hopefully Charlotte and her brood. The plan is to explore a new route over the mountains, one that doesn't involve driving south on I79 to Weston. I was driving to Arthurdale and saw a sign along the road advertising Seneca Caverns, and thought, "wouldn't it be nice not to have to drive to Weston to get to Seneca Rocks?" So we'll see... I have yet to check the Google Maps about it. Poor AAA, how has this Internet mapping impacted their map business? I recall going to the AAA office with my Grandpa to plan a trip to Florida when I was wee. We got a Triptych with all the pertinent roads mapped out for us. Man that was fun!
Keith says that it will be WARM in VA. I am going to pack my Short Pants!


Patsy said...

Random Mom thoughts: Remember when I drove Grandpa to one of those birthday road markers near Monteray, Virginia? We always tried to get his picture beside a roadsign with his birthday on it. That trip was always planned for spring near the birthday. We went to Ohio near Marietta once, to Charleston and a little south of the city, once. To the eastern panhandle to the Eisenhower Highway (I think it was) Well, back to the excursion to Monteray...
I don't remember if the marker was 81 -82-83-84- but I'm pretty sure it was not 85 (since there is an interstate near by with that number.) Well, long-story-short: can you spell carsick? Those Virginia (and West Virginia non-interstates) can be l-o-n-g and t-w-i-s-t-y. Take lots of rest stops ;-) and good luck.

Emma said...

It's been pouring rain for 2 days... I hope your trip goes well! It's warm, but rainy. :(