Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spoiler Alert!

Do not read this post if you have any interest in seeing the movie Marley & Me.

Delia and I were standing in line at the Redbox, waiting to check out a movie.

Me: "Hey, that movie about the cute dog is out on DVD, Do you want to get it?"

Delia: "YES!"

Woman in front of us in line: "That movie was a Terrible Mistake, my 6 year old cried for two hours after it was over."

Me: "Oh." I opened my mouth to say that this kid isn't much of a crier, but didn't get the chance.

Woman in front of us in line: "The dog dies at the end."

Me: Furious Glare at idiot woman

Woman in front of us: Smiles idiotically, Shrugs shoulders, says "Sorry."

Me (to Delia): "Bedtime Stories is out this week-"

Woman in front of us in line: cutting me off "It's all out."

Me: Furious Glare "Thanks."

Eventually that woman left. She didn't even get a movie - she was just standing around in front of the Redbox. Delia and I decided on BOLT. After we finished grocery shopping and were in the car, Delia said "I don't like that woman." And I said "Me neither." Then Delia compared the woman to one of the mean bullies in her class, and I had to tell her that it wasn't nice to call people stupid. But inside, I really think that some people are, in fact, stupid, and I wonder if I am doing my daughter a favor or a disservice by teaching her otherwise.


LadyElmo said...

yuck! Well, I think you are just doing what every mom out there is doing... trying to pass on the best to your kid. Yes, there are stupid people out there (ESPECIALLY at the RedBox, at least that's where a majority are here) but perhaps by giving your kid the hope that people are ok... well, maybe she'll have an open heart to find one or two good ones. :)

Anonymous said...

I bought Marley and Me thinking that it was a good kid's movie, but It's just not that interesting to me as a grownup - we didn't finish it (Dad and me) we got bored and turned on NCIS. You are welcome to view it at your leisure. I didn't know the dog died; but that's life. Hooch died in Turner and Hooch, and in Ol' Yeller and I loved that (T&H) movie, so maybe there is hope for M&M if the viewer is in the right mood.
Love you,

bnicholson said...

I don't like that woman either. ;-)