Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday it took Delia and me almost two hours to wrangle this lovely fingering weight yarn (a gift from Seester) from it's hand dyed hank into a utilitarian ball. We watched two episodes of Ben Ten Alien Force and two episodes of Batman : The Brave and the Bold. Delia guessed there must have been at least thirty yards of string, but the label says it is more like 440 yards. Now I can see why people who buy yarn that comes in hanks also buy swifts and ball winders! I held the yarn looped over my knees and Delia unwound it, working out the kinks, while I wound it into a ball by hand. It was FUN, but, a bit tedious, especially after she got bored and quit helping.

Then I spent about an hour working up a swatch on my new #2 needles. After manufacturing about two square inches of fabric I got frustrated and went to sleep. In the morning however, I appreciated the awesome color variations and now I can't wait to go purchase a circular needle to start on a new hat to go with my new haircut!

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LadyElmo said...

I'm glad I could provide good mother/daughter bonding activities with my gift!

Next time, I'll know better for what to look.