Friday, May 15, 2009

Farmers Market Redux

Despite reassurances from the market manager and the president of the board, the Bakery's application to vend at the Farmers Market, as of 9AM this morning, was still not approved. So... We won't be seeing any of you there this Saturday. We MIGHT be there next week, but then, that's what I thought Last Week.

I think we are still one Vendor Vote away from being accepted, and the manager couldn't give us the go ahead without that vote. She figures it will arrive via e-mail any time now, people are just so busy doing their thing getting their produce ready for market. I don't think we're the only ones still waiting for approval. And my boss says she did get her application in a bit late. Argh, I can't help but feel like we're getting jerked around, but that may just be my pessimistic attitude and distrust of authority talking.

On the positive side, this means I get to sleep in till 4:45 for one more Saturday. Yay for sleeping in!

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