Monday, May 25, 2009

Yard Sales Rule!

Yesterday on my way to work I walked by a yard sale on Clark Street and saw a Papasan Chair sitting there, begging me to take it home. I have been shopping for a chair to put in my attic refuge, and I really like the Papasan Chairs at Pier 1, but they're pretty steep even on sale. This one came with a cushion for the lovely yard sale price of $10. So I called Keith and Delia and they came down to help me carry it home. While they were there, Keith spotted an amp. The kid said "Fifty Dollars" and Keith said "Nah." Then the kid said, "How about half price?" and Keith said "OK." He's been looking for a guitar amp ever since he sold his in a yard sale last year.

So the Chair needed a bit of work before I could trust it to keep my bum off the floor, and in family tradition Keith fixed it for me with craft wire, pliers and staples in about 20 minutes.

Next big project will be to clean and cover the chair cushion. I have a nice striped denim that might be durable enough to survive all the staples and wires.


A Chicken said...

I love yard sales!
And I would have fixed the chair with duct tape. :-)

Melita said...

good as new!! great find