Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Arts Night at School

Last week we went to Delia's school to check out all the cool artwork the kids had made through the year. Here is one of Delia's pastel drawings. She made two others and they are hanging up in our living room.
She showed us the tile she'd painted in this mosaic wall.

It is the yellow one with 4 diamonds and a circle.

This was the night I committed an act of vandalism in the name of Grammar. In the Kindergarten hallway we came upon a wall decorated with drawings of flowers collected under the headline "APRIL SHOWERS BRINGS MAY FLOWERS." I looked at it twice and turned to Keith in disgust. "Someone should take that extra S down, for Christ's sake!" I grumbled. So quick as a flash he jumped up and snatched at the offending S. It was secured by a piece of scotch tape at the top, so he only ripped the bottom half of it off. He couldn't reach the rest of it, so I peeked down the hall to make sure the coast was clear, prayed the school didn't have security cameras, and reached up to pull the last bit of construction paper from the wall. It was amazingly satisfying, making that little correction. I wish now I'd taken a picture, but at the time I was afraid of getting in trouble. Well, now the whole world knows (or at least the 8 of you who read this). The one who ought to be reprimanded is whoever taped that phrase to the wall. I thought everyone knew April Showers Bring May Flowers.

And do you know what MayFlowers bring? That's right folks, PILGRIMS.

Like my Dad used to say, f@#k 'em if they can't take a joke.


LadyElmo said...

Great Art! And EVEN BETTER fixing the sign!! And it's not vandalism, it's EDUCATION by ACTION!! :)

Heidi Ho said...

Hahaha! Yes, there ARE actually several hidden security cameras!!!! I'm not lying! They look like round, black light thingies. Now, the funny thing is that I am SURE most of the teachers would appreciate your act of vandalism!! That sounds like a volunteer may have put that sign up...or a teacher who everyone is scared of!! hahahaha Seriously, I'm shocked no one picked it up before now!!!

I agree with Lady Elmo!!! Education by Action!!!

The other day Jason and I walked past a wall in Grafton where vandals spray- painted "BICH".....ahhh to have had a can of spray paint handy.....

Heidi Ho said...

BTW...there's a song they always sing...
there was one
there was two
there was three little angels...

Nearly drives me over the edge every time!!!!

: )