Monday, July 06, 2009

Jack Burton

We took Jack to the vet this week. The vet said he was probably 14 weeks old, and to bring him back in a month for his surgery. He's a perfectly healthy kitten. The vet also said he'd probably be about a 20 lb cat when he was full grown. We said, "Cool."

I came downstairs one morning and caught him asleep in my bag. It was just too cute.

Jack belongs to Delia, he's her baby.

Sometimes when she's asleep I get to play with him too. :)


LadyElmo said...

Cute cat. Who's the other kid?

Serafina said...

The other kid is Rebecca, Ryan's daughter. She's staying with us for a couple of weeks.

Melita said...

what a cute kitty! that little fella has "thumbs" doesn't he?! i love big kitties. when i got sanjay, i had hopes that he would be huge, but nope, he's the littlest one of them all.

Bryan L. Smith said...

I didn't notice he was polydactyl when he was clawing my leg! He would get along with Quai, Atelas, and Grig.