Thursday, August 06, 2009

Food At the Beach Part One

Tuesday we went off the beach in search of the local Goodwill Industries. Garmin got us there, about 10 miles away. We assembled our costumes for Dress Up Beach Party and then went next door and shopped Kitty's Treasures, a lovely little junk store in the same sad shopping plaza, where everything was 50% off. We all found some souvenirs of our trip to the beach that weren't made in China and didn't cost a fortune.

Afterward we were hungry, but didn't want to eat fast food, so we drove around until we spotted this marquee:

We couldn't resist the lure of Fire Ninja. It was yummy. We ate sushi, except for Angie and the kids. I love sushi.

Fire Ninja may be a chain restaurant, but it was a nice way to get in out of the heat and fill up our bellies (unless you were Angie, who almost died form the Ninja Beef - who knew the food poisoning would come from the cooked food instead of the raw fish?)


Anonymous said...

Dress-up day at the beach? Were you looking for PIRATE apparel-aparrel-apareel no spell check here...
Love you all.
It's 80 degrees here and NO RAIN. go figure... now we will have to water the plants.
Love and XOXOXO
Your family in the MOUNTAINS

Melita said...

never heard of fire ninja before. like the name though :) sorry to hear about the food poisoning. i am happy that you love sushi. we will have to go to ogawa sometime together. :) btw, the bread just isn't the same since you've been gone.