Sunday, August 09, 2009

Food At the Beach Part Two

The day we went to the Aquarium (which was quite a frustrating and disappointing venture) we went out to eat at The Jewish Mother, a restaurant that was recommended by Melita. We LOVED it. Great food, great service, and the only meal the whole house shared out together. I had an avocado muenster burger, Keith had hot roast beef on rye and Delia had a chicken and hummus pita wrap. We split an order of latkes and shared some really awesome onion rings too. I didn't photograph the food because we were so hungry it was all eaten before the thought to take a picture even occurred to me.

Then on Friday the gang threw me a birthday party. Katie and Chris made spaghetti and meatballs that were fantastic, and they brought me a chocolate cake from The Jewish Mother!


Anonymous said...

Yummy Chocolate cake!

Melita said...

i am SO happy that you loved the jewish mother - i knew you would! ;) a lot of the times i get so excited to eat my food that the blogger in me forgets to get a pic until sometimes it's too late lol. the food you had sounded delicious. love their latkes and all of the desserts, omg! i miss the jewish mother. happy birthday! what a great way to spend it!