Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye August

Sunday we visited with the Family at Sun Valley and sang a hilarious rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch" while Zoey and Delia snacked on the back porch. Good Times. Also, the Z Meister and I played on the swings, she was making all kinds of fun noises, I thought she was having a blast, till her Papa came up and told me she was Terrified. As I tried to shift things around in the swing, I lost my grip on the rope (but not the baby!) and we slid out of the swing backward. It wasn't far to fall, and Zoey was quite cushioned by my voluptuous cleavage when we hit the ground. No harm, no foul. Although in the future we'll have to be more careful with our daredevilry.

I had to work on my day off to give my lovely boss a break, but she came into work anyway - just not at 6 AM, which is kind of a break. When I got home Keith proposed a trip to Coopers Rock, so we jumped in the car and headed up there. This time we trekked the Ridge Trail. It is ROCKY! We were determined to make this a Power Hike and not one of our namby pamby picture taking hikes, so we set off at top speed and really pushed the limits of our endurance for an hour and a half. Then we realized several things, 1. We did not have a trail map and were not quite sure where we were, 2. We neglected to eat lunch first, and also neglected to bring any snacks, and we were starving, and 3. The school bus would bring Delia home in 2 hours and we were 1.5 hours into the trackless wilderness. So after busting ass downhill, we turned around and busted ass UPHILL, which is hard to do when you're starving and already tired. But we did it. We beat Delia home. So I feel like I accomplished something this afternoon, and my legs still kind of feel like Jell-O.

My mom called to let me know that she took my Granny to the hospital around 2am after our visit. She hasn't been feeling well for several days, and I guess yesterday the 02 wasn't even helping anymore, so they called the ambulance. We're still waiting to see what the Doctor says. I walk the line, every time this happens, between freaking out and feeling numb. I prefer the numbness to some extent, but I worry that not freaking out makes me a robot or something. So I'm going to clean my house, which is what I do to circumvent all kinds of bad feelings. You can really tell how happy I've been this week by the wretched state of my abode. Looks like I've got plenty to do!

Delia is being good and doing her homework. Yay for Homework!


Melita said...

i was thinking of going up to cooper's rock today but instead spent some solo quiet time at cheat lake on the docks. hope everything is ok with your granny.

Trisha said...

Well, dear sister, at least you found out about Grandma from the source. I didn't know until I checked her blog.

Does that mean mom thinks I'm too 'fragile' for the real world?

btw, Zoey's just fine. How's your bee-hind? Do you still have a tailbone?

Heidi Ho said...

Sorry to hear about your g'ma. We'll be thinking of you and I too, recognize the fine line between freak out and numb. It is a natural reaction when faced with the unknown fears.

Also, wanted to let you know that I had Delia's class today. They ROCK!!! What a totally cool group of kiddos. They seemed so adjusted and happy with one another. They laughed, giggled and had a great time. In fact, we didn't get done with our activity because I was just enjoying them being "kids" and talking kiddo talk with them.