Thursday, September 03, 2009

Man vs. Beetle

Husband is currently outside replacing the battery in The Beetle. I wanted to take a picture to show y'all how cute he looks bent over the tiny engine, cursing the effing German Engineers.

Alas, I can't find my camera in all this CLEAN. Yes, Husband also cleaned the dining room this week, and it has two whole partially clean surfaces. And I can't find the camera.

Today began at about 12 AM when Keith called and woke me up to tell me the car wouldn't start (he was leaving work), and could I give him Ryan's new phone #. That was all, I was asleep, he's lucky I figured out how to look up the number without accidentally hanging up on him.

Ryan met him and gave The Beetle a jump, and also threw out his knee. Everyone was safe at home when I went to work at 6.

Keith determined that the car needed a new battery, and after getting the book to press went to Auto Zone to get one. He came home kinda cranky. Evidently, The Zone will install a new battery in almost any car for free, unless it is a VOLKSWAGON, and then they claim they can't because of liability issues. So, they'll sell him a battery for A HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS and then he can put it in himself. OK.

So Husband unearthed his trusty Haynes Manual, gathered his tools (an interchangeable screwdriver and a ratchet set) and opened the hood. He's out there right now, following the instructions like he's putting together a Christmas Toy. I made him promise that he wouldn't electrocute himself, and he assures me that he won't.

Now, after half an hour, he has the old battery out of it's plastic carapace and the new battery back in. He's willing screws to stay in the ratchet as he guides them 10 inches down into the engine to secure the battery stabilizer bolt (or something like that - this car has so many covers and flaps and guards and secondary guards.) He's singing a little song of inspiration to himself. Soon he will be in the kitchen washing black stuff off his arms and face.

Yup. He fixed it.

I think he's pretty awesome.


Trisha said...

You are so lucky to have a hubby that can do those things.

*I'm still lucky, too, although in a different hubby way. :)

A Chicken said...

It's been my experience that a person with large mammary glands and a wide smile can usually change a battery quickly, and for free. Most likely without even breaking a nail. :-D
But I'm proud of Keith all the same. :-)

Melita said...

i am lucky i have a fellow to do those unattractive tasks too :)