Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Epic Ends

Our band of intrepid (insipid?) Adventurers has successfully thwarted the
Here's a picture of the mighty evil demigod Kyuss, whom we soundly defeated last night at about 9:30pm.
Last night was the final battle in what has been the only D&D campaign I have ever played through to the end. Three years of our collective lives went into this story. I had a Metric TON of fun. The five of us stopped the Age Of Worms from overtaking the material plane, by defeating the manifestation of Kyuss. In the process we killed the most feared dracolitch Dragotha, and several other, lesser draconic monstrosities, and all manner of creepy and disgusting worm creatures.

If you've never roleplayed before you may not appreciate what an accomplishment this represents, but let me put it to you like this: Instead of say, watching TV or going to the movies on your Saturday night, you write, direct and act in an ongoing TV series that takes place Saturday nights in your (or someone else's) dining room.
This is my character Magnus Millerson.
I made him up about 1/4 of the way through the Adventure Path (a series of stories that are all linked together leading up to one ginormous goal, like saving the world) because the other characters I made up kept getting killed. Magnus continued to get killed, about 10 times in the last 2 years, but by then our group was mighty enough to get him raised from the dead. Sound creepy? IT WAS!

Some quotes from Magnus, captured forever on the internet by our player's email group:

Magnus says: "Well, aye fink I'm gonna hafta find me some armor ta sleep in. Dinna reely know how bloody dangerous walkin' ta tha Free City could be. But we made it, more or less, dinna we? Who'se up for a round at the pub then, eh?"

Magnus says: "I got a plan. I'll go fer tha meanest lookin' somebeach tha' I kin see. Once he's a lyin' face down in tha dirt, I'll move on ta tha next meanest lookin' somebody, er mebbe jest whoe'res closest. Iffin any a ye are about ta git yer arm chopped off, er sumpthin like tha, holler real loud at me and I'll see what I kin do."

Magnus addresses the Inkeeper. "Ye best call the watch, Tarquin. I don't ken this madness a'tall."

I am sad to retire Magnus, but as it stands he is now pretty much the King of Alhaster, you can't ask for much more than a whole city indebted to you for saving it from eternal damnation... Yeah, I'm OK with that, Magnus really isn't greedy.

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