Sunday, November 15, 2009


Several nights ago as we found these little guys sitting on our back porch. I guess they'd been snuffling through the recycling. They didn't immediately run off when Keith opened the back door, but unhurriedly meandered through the flower bed and then off to the trees in the back corner of the yard. I couldn't get a picture of them climbing the trees, because it was dark, but they looked so like little koala bears staring at us from the tree trunk. I don't know where they went after they climbed straight up! As far as I know they aren't living in our attic. Are they Ryan?


Trisha said...

Just a note: be careful around those guys. I just saw a thing about how raccoons attack for food. They aren't afraid of dogs or bears or humans, etc... and they will fight until they die or win. creepy.

Serafina said...

Wow. They can have the garbage, I won't fight them for it. But seriously, I think I can take 'em. :)

Just now, I was reading your comment out loud to Keith and Delia comes down the stairs and says "Your sister is paranoid." I think we should try to find some YouTube clips of people getting mauled by raccoons and make her watch them - that girl needs some FEAR in her soul!

Patsy said...

Ha, ha, ha.
I can remember Racoons at LAke Austin. They caught the fish we put in the stream (from our catch and release fishing expeditions to the lake) We thought we were saving the fish; we were - saving them for the racoons to have a midnight snack. The little buggers met fate when they messed with our Dad (Grandpa to you). Their penchant for shiny things got them caught and dispatched.