Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Muppet Fur Hat

Photo taken by Delia

It goes with the Muppet Fur Scarf that I made some time ago. I wanted something quick and satisfying that would keep my head warm on the walk to work. So I busted out the Patons Cha Cha (which I bought at BigLots a long time ago) and my size 13 needles and went to work. This novelty yarn is CRAZY, and it can be a real PITA if you don't go about it with a sense of humor.

The hat is knit on two needles, shaped with short rows (like my Warmest Hat Ever) and then joined while binding off. Since there is no way in hell anybody will ever make out any kind of stitch definition, there was no need to fuss when knitting the wrapped stitches. Slouchy, stretchy and cuddly fun. I made it in two evenings, about 5 hours total.


Bryan L. Smith said...

Novelty Yarn is my new band name.

Patsy said...

Whistler's Mother would be proud.
(notice the similarity - hilarity of the poses?)

Melita said...

i love it!! hugs!!