Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitty in the Cupboard

Jack has this habit of opening cabinets, and now he has a new pair of cabinet doors to open. We were discussing what to keep in the buffet (which was supposed to become Delia's new dresser, but after much heaving and swearing getting it into the house, we determined that we would never get it up the stairs!) but Jack has his own plans for the space.

The matching dining table is so rad, because is shrinks right up. It lengthens out to seat 8 when all the leaves are added in, but for just the three of us we are going to keep it tiny.

Thanks Mom, for the grown up furniture!


Melita said...

nothing better than a kitty in a cupboard! hugs!!

bnicholson said...

Beautiful! What fun.

Bryan L. Smith said...

I have a dollie and two short, sturdy legs. How big is this thing?

Serafina said...

Bryan, it is five feet long and almost 2 feet wide. The curvy part at the top of my staircase would be the problem I think, it looks like it would require some serious finagling to get around that corner. Plus, Delia can't have a new dresser till she cleans her room, and I will probably be eating eat a Sno-Cone in Hell before she does that.