Monday, October 04, 2010

The Madyson Set

Thanks to Lisa who had the perfect color of sewing thread in her embroidery bag, and to Keith who picked up the buttons while he was in Clarksburg for work on Friday, the Madyson sweater and hat set are complete!

The sweater is Knitted Baby Set, No. 107 from Doreen Volume 100 Baby Gems by Nell Armstrong. It is available on line here. The hat is Aviatrix Baby Hat by Justine Turner, and is available free on Ravelry.

The buttons are JHB from Jo Anns. The yarn is Red Heart Ltd. Heart & Sole, which I picked up at AC Moore.

This sweater was knit on size 3 needles, and the construction was intriguing because it is all shaped with short rows. Even though the pattern doesn't call for it, I wrapped all the turns and then knit the wraps. Doing that takes the eyelets out, but I didn't really want those little holes there, as I wasn't going to finish the sweater with ties anyway. I did a button band to finish instead (repeated the garter stitch part of the pattern stitch, and made 7 YO buttonholes).

Instead of doing the sleeves as called for in the pattern, I did the following:
  • Cast on the underarm stitches using the Knitted On method.
  • Instead of binding off at the end of the sleeve, I left those stitches live on one needle. Left the working yarn attached and hanging at the cuff end of the sleeve.
  • Using the other needle I picked up 48 loops from the cast on edge, starting at the armpit. My cast on was loose enough to allow this, your mileage may vary.
  • Turned the sleeve with right sides together and from the cuff edge did a 3 needle bind off to armpit, where I jumped back in to the pattern as written.
It was fun! I hope Madyson likes it.

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bnicholson said...

Someone will have a lot of fun wearing this gorgeous set.
You are so talented!