Monday, October 18, 2010

New Plants

This sweet pothos came from Aldi last week. I love these plants because you almost can't kill them! They thrive even in low light and with minimal watering. As in you can forget to water them for weeks (and there are a few in my house that may have gone months without any love) and they still survive. If anybody would like some cuttings, I have several of these babies in my house, growing like gangbusters. They take right off, you just cut and stick into a pot, no messing around.
This little guy is a Sassy fern. He was on the clearance rack at Lowes this afternoon. I LOVE the one dollar plants. A little loving care, and possibly a slightly bigger pot, and this frilly fella will be the star of my kitchen (or bathroom, or wherever he ends up this winter).
Nephthytis is my new favorite houseplant. They remind me of caladiums, which I had a few years ago. Several weeks ago I rescued two little nephthytis from the sad plants rack at Lowes, they were marked down to 10 cents each which is almost a toe tag for houseplants, but with a bit of trimming and some attention, they came back and are looking good. This hanging basket was a dollar, and I couldn't resist her either, she's labeled Nephthytis Maria. I think these pretties need serious attention, they like to be watered frequently but do not like to be soggy, so we'll see how they survive in this house of sporadic plant care.

We tried to take a bike ride this afternoon, but got rained out. Instead we went shopping, and ended up at Lowes. I needed a new 10 inch pot because a recent squall knocked one of my plants off the porch and busted the pot. The new pot I picked out was a chocolate colored terra cotta, but the check out clerk broke it while she was scanning it out and it was the last one. So I got a plain orange terra cotta pot, AND some guys from the sad plants rack. I would have brought two more home but there really wasn't room in the car.

Then Keith fired up his drill and installed a plant hook I bought at the beginning of the summer. It was supposed to go on the front porch but now that winter is coming I need a place to put all the plants I have collected. They will have to hang from the ceiling to survive with 2 rambunctious kitties flipping out all over the place.

Delia and I made Double Chocolate Nutella Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies after supper, and they were great! That girl is an expressive cook, and she just loves chocolate. She wants a double chocolate cake for her birthday and I intend to make it from scratch. If anyone out there has an extra Time Turner lying around, I could certainly use it for the next few weeks. I promise not to bump into myself and disrupt the fabric of space and time!

I tried to watch the debate for WV's senate seat but the Capitalist Pig made me want to throw up in my mouth, I thought about turning it off but the website crashed out before I could do it. Maybe I will be able to watch the replay tomorrow. I am so tired at 8:30 pm, this working 6 days a week is for the birds, I hope someone qualified applies for the relief baker's job soon because we all need some relief!

And that's the way it is. Goodnight.

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Trisha said...

Ironic... I just added new plants to my house. I like you use of outdoor plant hook indoors... I may have to borrow that bright idea.