Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cool Color Yarn Dye

This was my second try dyeing yarn with Kool Aid. It came out really pleasing to me.

The yarn started out an oatmeal color, it came from the stash of Bemidji yarn I used before. I mixed up cups of lemon-lime, blue raspberry lemonade, and grape (although the photo shows Blastin' Berry Cherry because it was in a purple package and I am easily confused).

This is me painting the yarn with a turkey baster. Kool Aid will stain your countertops, so do lay down some plastic to protect them.

Here is a shot of the yarn after I wound it into a ball. And after I went to the store and foolishly left it out on the table. When I got home it wasn't on the table anymore, and after a moment of frantic searching I found it chewed, snaggled and partially unwound in a corner under the table. Thanks Rohn!

I fixed it.


A Chicken said...

Does the color come out when you wash it? Did you also use Kool Aid to dye Delia's hair blue?

Serafina said...

No, Kool Aid is actually pretty colorfast if you heat it long enough during the dyeing process, according to what I have read. I think it would more likely fade due to long exposure to sunlight. That said, I haven't washed the yarn since I made it, but no color came out then.

We dyed Delia's hair with Beyond The Zone hair stuff from Sally's. We had to bleach it out first, the dye didn't stay to her liking on unbleached hair. In the future we might use KoolAid because it is way cheaper!