Monday, March 28, 2011

First Hike at Canaan

Delia planning our hike over a cup of hot chocolate.

Even though the world was overcast for most of our stay up in the mountains, it didn't rain all the time so we got to go on several hikes. The first one we planned out took us from our cabin to the lodge, over about a mile of mildly hilly terrain along the Club Run Trail.

Delia inspecting some ruins we found along the trail. Are they from the railroad? We couldn't tell.

Club Run made a loop back to the cabin area, and since we wanted to go on to the lodge, we took the Ridge Top Trail connector to the Middle Ridge trail. I love watching my girl learn to use a trail map.

Our hike led us to a wide open area and the Balsam Swamp Overlook. Things were muddy and spare, as spring hadn't quite come to the Highlands, but the barren alien landscape was still strangely beautiful.

The Overlook is situated along one of the paved roads in the park, and we walked along it up the hill to the lodge. It was a terrific first hike of our trip!


Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

Navigation. We shouted "shotgun" and then, we got the front passenger seat where we navigated the trip to Florida (many times) Road Trip! Road Trip! Or was that just ME?
Gotta love those real life adventures. (and adventurers)

bnicholson said...

I almost didn't recognize the handsome man talking with Delia over the map. Nice haircut!
The hikes look like fun, the trail maps are much improved! Enjoy every bit of it.
Delia is at my favorite stage in school, I always loved my 3rd graders and my 4th graders the most.