Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Kid's Been Busy

On Monday night, Delia and I went to the New WVU Erickson Alumni center to attend the Celebration of Young Writers. WVU held the ceremony for all the kids in the county who placed in the Young Writer's Competition and their teachers. Delia's story "Mystery Demolition" won 3rd place in the 3rd - 4th grade category. West Virginia author, Cheryl Ware, gave a presentation that wove together pieces of every child's story. When Delia heard her words being read aloud, she was just tickled pink. I tried to get a picture of her walking up to the podium to accept her certificate and WVU swag bag, but of course they didn't turn out. I did make her stand with her classroom teacher and her TAG teacher who both came to the shindig to support her! It was pretty awesome. Keith and I are SO PROUD of her, and most importantly I can tell that she is proud of herself.

Last week was the Social Studies/Science Fair at Mountainview. You all know how much I LOVE being packed in the cafeteria like fish in a barrel with the parents of my child's peers. The school did things a little differently this year and herded all the parents into the library for cookies and soda while the judges went around and judged the projects (incidentally, nobody ever told us who won!). Delia researched aluminum in antiperspirants, hand lettered her presentation board and used her very favorite craft item - STYROFOAM - to illustrate how sweat couldn't escape through your skin like it should when your pores are clogged with aluminum. Even though at least one parent kindly pointed out that studies have PROVEN that it is NOT DANGEROUS (ahem, whatevs...), Delia was still convinced by her research to avoid it. Yay for Science Fair!

Our bud Naomi did her project on her cat, Sharkey, who turned out to be a Korat. Naomi (with help from her Mom) sewed a stuffed Sharkey replica and labeled the breed's iconic features with bright green ribbon tags, and her display board was covered in grey faux suede. Very tactile.
The kids are taking West-Test this week, and even though I told her several times that she doesn't really have to study for them, Delia decided to bring home all of her textbooks to study. I don't know how much reviewing she's getting done while she watches Neds Survival Guide on the Netflix... School is almost out for the summer!


Trisha said...


AND... and you got a picture of her SMILING!! I think that's the best part! ;)

I think her Science project RULES! I agree with Dee = no aluminum in your 'pits!

Tell her we are very proud!!

xoxo :)

MsOli said...

That's so cool. Tell her congrats from Aunt Rachel. I would love to read her story. Could you post it or email it?

I love that the girls' projects actually look like they were done by kids. It chaps my tush when a kid gets an A on a project that was clearly done by their parent. What do they learn from that?

Way to go Dee!!

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

I'm so happy you posted. Great work, Delia. Neat project, too, Naomi! We love you guys! I'm telling all my f/b friends to check out this post.
your Granny

bnicholson said...

Delia - Congrats!! Great job.
Tracy & Keith - love the photo work, your little girl is so grown up! Thank you for catching wonderful pictures. She is a lovely and talented girl, I am proud of her and of you two also.
Big hug,