Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night is for Pizza

For supper we went to the Sabraton location of Pizza Al's. Dudes, this is some gigantic, greasy, tasty pizza! I won't say it is better than my Bakery, but it was certainly fast, friendly service. The place had a steady stream of dine in and take out customers the whole time we were there! They have several kinds of beer on tap, including a crisp Italian pilsner which Keith ordered, served in the traditional plastic cup. If you are picking up takeout you can buy a 6-pack, or a 2 litre of soda to go.

I ordered a tossed salad to go with my pie and it was the classic plate full iceberg lettuce decorated with one slice of tomato cut in half and a green pepper ring and 2 slices of onion, dressed with oil and vinegar. So yummy! Delia couldn't believe that is what passed for a salad, but I guess she didn't live in Clarksburg long enough to learn what a real Italian salad looks like. If you want more frills than that I think they have an antipasto plate on the menu as well.

Delia whiled away some quarters and several minutes waiting for our pizza by playing pinball, and then we played some tunes on the jukebox. Not quite as awesome as my memories of Tucillo's Pizza, but fun all the same.
We got one large pie and of course took half of it home. Pizza Al's is in the same shopping center as Mother's Attic, so we walked around there after supper and found a treasure. Keith bought me a flying dragon kite. It looks like the original owners didn't even put it together once! I know I don't need any more kites, but hey, it's a FLYING DRAGON!

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Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

MMMMMMM Good. You should write restaurant reviews. I can almost taste the pie....