Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alien Abduction, or What?

Monday was what I'd hoped to be my second to last trip to the WVU Dental Clinic. On the way in to the complex, the lady in the parking lot box asked me if I worked there, and when I said no, she reminded me that I couldn't park in that lot if I was going to class. I said I wasn't a student, and that I was getting dental work done. She asked, somewhat suspiciously, what I was having done that required me to be there every other week for three months. I said, "Have you ever had work done at the clinic? They clean like six teeth at a time!" Later I thought to myself, probably not, I bet she has dental insurance being a university employee and all. I think next time I will take the PRT just so I don't have to go through the grilling. Although I do appreciate her vigilance because as a patient I wouldn't have any place to park at all if she let students park in that lot. (On a side note, in the last couple of weeks there have been several days when the PRT was not running, due once to vandalism - someone set a fire in the track- and today there was an unidentified explosion as Keith was going to class. I think if the city and university want us to use the People Mover instead of our cars they ought to try to make it more reliable!)

According to my Student Dentist, things are looking good in my periodontal arena. There was no comically huge hypodermic needle to be found, as this appointment was just a checkup and polish and flouride treatment. I did miss the Novocaine a little when she, and then later the nice Supervising Dentist Dr. Reed, probed my gums to see if they were healing properly from all the shredding I'd been getting. Even though the measuring probes are blunt, they are still uncomfortable, and it is akin to sliding a darning needle under your fingernail to see how well it is attached to the quick underneath. So. Much. Fun. But I passed the time by taking pictures of the joint with my phone.

Jennifer tried to sell me again on the night guard, for defense against tooth grinding. I remembered how my Grandpa's teeth were all ground quite flat, and she explained how that exposes the dentin and makes all your teeth much more susceptible to decay. I am still not sold, but she may have a point. She even got a second opinion from a neighboring student, and he agreed that I had an exceptional amount of wear on my chompers for someone so young. It is hilarious to me to have two 24 year olds calling me "so young" but I guess I'll take what I can get. It was also quite interesting to hear them talking about trying to meet their root canal requirements for graduation - the neighbor student said he paid for one of his patients to have a root canal because both of them really needed it to happen. Which I thought was kind of cool. Jennifer said she couldn't help it if most of her patients had good teeth! So if any of you need a root canal, and have a lot of free time and no dental insurance, let me know, I'll hook you up with a nice little dentist in training who has a light touch and small hands.

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Bryan L. Smith said...

You don't get dental as a WVU employee unless you pay for it.