Thursday, March 01, 2012

Memory of a Smile

Some weeks ago Delia and I were up at Glenmark Center, doing a little cultural self definition. We were sprinting through Lowes parking lot, as we frequently sprint from the car every time we go anywhere. I don't remember what made me turn around and look back across the lot. The sunset was breathtaking. We stood under the portico of the store and oohed and awed. I took pictures with my phone. And then we stared some more.

This is a thing that will make me smile again, remembering it. My girl is growing up, she's five feet six inches tall, she told me today. Next year she'll be in Middle School. In this memory, she beat me in a foot race, and looked at the clouds rushing by in the sky with the same admiration and wonder that I felt. She is 11 years old. And she loves clouds as much as I do.

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Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

I can see her - smile - it lights up her face. She is amazing. I love you both.


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