Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Monday

Nowadays, instead of sleeping in till 8 on my day off, I get up with Delia and take her to school so that Keith can sleep in till 8. It's working out ok for us. After I dropped the kiddo at the old middle school, I drove on out Rt 7 in search of a new trail to hike. Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area is managed by the WV DNR. You can go there and hunt, if you have the proper license. It is currently squirrel season. I didn't realize it was a hunting park till I got there, but I wasn't too awful scared. I did see one guy out there in blaze orange, so that reminded me to un-tuck my orange scarf and display it, for safety's sake. Besides the one hunter and two older gentlemen out for a stroll, I saw a couple of deer and some chipmunks.
The trails are quite wide, mostly well gaveled. I didn't have a map but used my GPS app to keep track of my location. There are what appear to be dozens of side trails, in addition to the wide road like main drag. I followed one side trail down to a little pond that had a little stone wall around it. Later the trail came out into a big meadow full of goldenrod and milkweed. It was much warmer up there in the sun.

So I wandered for an hour and covered maybe 2 miles, not bad for a first exploration. Next time I go back I'll wear more orange!

When I got home I moved my sewing machine from the attic into the bedroom, cleaned and oiled it. There is some big fun sewing in my immediate future, and I'm getting ready. It is nice to have a project!

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