Monday, March 25, 2013

Scots Run Hike

Saturday we got to go hike at Coopers Rock. The main gate was closed and the Day Use Parking lot was filled with people like us who were taking advantage of the nice (45 degree) weather.

We had prepared for a nice long adventure hike, with snacks and canteens and even extra layers. The woods did not disappoint. We hiked four miles Saturday, according to my GPS Pal app. And Delia only lodged four complaints, that's not too bad at all!

The winter storms really did a number on our trail. There were trees down all over the place, blocking the trail. We did a good bit of climbing and skirting around the arboreal carnage. In a couple of places the trees that had fallen took parts of the trail with them! It was exciting, but I wonder when the parks service will have the time or money to get it all cleaned up.

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bnicholson said...

We used GPS pal for our hike on Saturday. We managed two miles! Yay! It was awesome. What a great day.