Thursday, April 04, 2013

Fillo Leftover Pies

One of my favorite things about having a big feast is the wide variety of interesting leftovers I have to make into food for the next week.  The first thing I had to use up was a half a roll of fillo dough - because that stuff dries out quickly once you break the package seal.  
I also had half a box of arugula, which has to the best of my knowledge, never been used here before this Easter Feast, and I was afraid it would go bad before I could figure out what to do with it.  
So, with those items on the counter, an idea started to take shape... I made rice with some of the still simmering chicken stock.  We had leftover scallions, sundried tomatoes, and pepadew peppers.   All of these got minced up with the arugula and then I stirred it into the hot rice.  To about half I added some shredded parmesan, because I like cheese!  Although feta might have been better suited to this application.  Then the fun part!

Cut the whole stack of fillo into three equal strips long ways.  If you keep one stack out and the other two covered with a damp towel it might go better for you.  Separate one strip of fillo and brush it with melted butter, then put a tablespoon of the arugula mixture on one end and fold it up into a triangle.  It is almost like making the little paper footballs everybody in school so joyfully flicked around all the damn time, except this you will want to eat.  Put the little triangles on a cookie sheet and then brush all the tops with more melted butter, and bake in a moderately hot oven till the edges start to get brown and crispy.  Serve with tzatziki or hot sauce or even just plain yoghurt.  Nom Nom.  Also, these little guys freeze very well, and if you make too many you can pop them in the freezer after you fold them up and then bake them at another time.

Of course after we had those for dinner I went out and bought all the stuff to make spanakopita, so we might eat little triangles twice in one week! By we I mean Keith and I, because Delia wouldn't eat them.  She had hummus and pita, which is just fine by me.  

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