Monday, June 02, 2014

First Campout of the Summer!!!

We hightailed it outta town after work on Saturday and took to the open road in the Forrester - packed so full of camping gear that I couldn't see out the back window - and headed south towards Horseshoe Campground.

This was our first trip with THREE teenage girls, crammed together like sardines in the backseat for a two hour drive. We stopped at Cool Springs on the way, and if you've never been there you should go sometime. 

At exactly 5 PM we were trundling down Lead Mine Road, under the giant windmills, to the very bottom of the valley.  In about 20 minutes we were setting up camp along a stretch of Horseshoe Run.  
I waded across the stream to get this picture.  
Becca and I pitched the tent while Keith started a fire. 
Becca reading her e-book in the hammock.
Dinner consisted of weenies (Angus and Morningstar) roasted over the fire on sharpened sticks and baked potatoes wrapped in foil and baked in the coals.  I even brought a can of hot dog chili and heated it up on the camp stove.  It was fun, but everyone was really waiting for the smores.  The girls made smores every time we built a fire.  Keith, Delia and I each took a turn at making one.  We are a family of ishkatays.

I hung my twinkle star lights in a rhododendron, and some lanterns too.  It was bright enough to read by.

Night came to the mountains, and the temperature dropped to about 40.  I TOLD everyone to pack warm clothes, but they all complained the next morning about the cold, even mister Jack Frost himself, while I slept fairly toasty in my Cuddle Duds (thanks Mom, best Xmas present evar).

Can you tell who among us is a morning person?

Delia hanging out in the SkyChair.
Treasures I found on my hike.
And last but not least, the highlights reels, taken with my new phone and edited with some movie program I just downloaded for free.  Enjoy!

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