Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So the mirror went up! Not without some difficulty. The first anchors we put in tore up the wall, we had to spackle over them and then paint, and then drill new holes and insert new anchors. We wanted the mirror to be flush with the window frame, and I don't know whether the window is crooked or the top of the sink is crooked, but the mirror was definitely not square.

So yet a third set of holes had to be drilled (and another round of spackeling and painting), but this time I held the mirror in it's proper position and Keith marked the edge with a pencil (careful measuring hadn't gotten us very far, so I decided to go with my gut and eyball it). I shivered when Keith used the drill to tighten the screws, I could hear the mirror cracking in the foreground of my brain, but thankfully, Keith read the instructions that came with his new drill and knew how to set it so it wouldn't tighten the thing too much.

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Charlotte said...

It looks so nice. I love your bathroom.