Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So this was the old bathroom, ugly sink and all. I took the old medicine cabinet down first thing, and I was glad to get it out of there. Charlotte and Keith and I painted the room blue, because we had a ton of blue left over from the living room. It looks awesome!
Charlotte lead us around Lowes, as she just finished an addition to her own mansion and was adept at navigating the towering racks of home improvement stuff. Keith ripped out the old sink and installed the new sink with only a little bit of sweat. Cutting the holes in the bottom of the cabinet for the plumbibg was funny, because he didn't have the right kind of saw. He used the trusty Dremel tool, and set off the smoke alarm in the process. At least we know the smoke detector works!

Installing the light fixture was pretty easy. We had to bang another hole in the wall to get the wires in the right place, but fortunately the old and new holes are underneath the light fixture. I am waiting to buy the glass lampshades, as the nice ones are like $10 apiece and I don't want to get the cheapos.
The only thing left to do is put up the mirror that Katie gave us. It is convenient to know folks who are also in the process of disassembling a house and putting it back together! Our friendly neighborhood hardware store guy sold us these wierd plaster anchors to help hold up the heavy mirror, and they SUCK. They ripped the wall up something awful. But a little spackle and a dab of paint, and nobody will know they're there. Once that dries, Up Goes the Mirror! Stay Tuned...

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Charlotte said...

It looks great. I can't wait to see it in person. Good job on the sink and light Keith!
Thanks mentioning me, I love seeing my name in print.