Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So I am officially on vacation! Yay! I slept in till 8:30 this morning and have had almost two hours to drink my coffee and play internet by myself. Now I hear the stirrings of sleepy feet on the floor upstairs and have to get ready to start the day. But first, to blog...
I helped Dad give himself a haircut with his Flowbee yesterday. He seemed pleased. I think he liked that he could do it himself. I got the back of his head. I am a notoriously bad giver of haircuts, so he was brave for asking me to help. Delia won't even let me trim her bangs anymore because she said I did a horrible job. I said that if she lets me practice I'll get better and there's no reason to spend $12 at the mall to have someone only marginally better than I do the deed. So we go round and round...
Grandma asked me why Dad didn't just go to JCPenney to get his haircut like he always did. I told her he'd rather hang out with me, then I asked her if she wanted a vacuum-cleaner haircut. She said she was fine, thanks. That woman is so tough, I am amazed by her every time I see her too. Her sense of humor seems more often in residence lately, and that is always your best weapon against despair. It feels to me like Despair is a flock of birds circling that house... This last visit I did a much better job of fending it off.
I just had an image of Grandpa sitting on the back porch with his shotgun (which Keith says is a very nice shotgun, only in the least popular caliber, and mostly used for shooting birds). I was probably 9 or 10 (before the big swimming pool went in), and he was probably drunk. There were often crows in the hickory tree on the left side by the picnic shelter. Anyway, I remember Grandpa shooting at the birds, to scare them away. Keith tells me that shotgun would have done rather more to the crows than just scare them. I never found any crow corpses (at least I find none in my memory this morning). Anyway, that's what it made me think of.
To do list: Grocery Shop, Clean House, Do Laundry, yep - it sounds like vacation to me!

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Charlotte said...

I am sure just being around the house is nice. See you soon.
(right now I cut the girls bangs but I am sure that will change once they are big enough to notice how bad I am, LOL)