Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So we finally hung up the clock! This used to hang in the living room at 230 Park Boulevard. Keith remembers it ticking loudly, I do not. I have the key to wind it up, but I haven't tried that yet... Maybe we'll do it today.
Dad tells me this clock originally hung in the First National Bank of Grafton (please correct me if I'm remembering wrong there, my memory is crap).
Keith was very nervous about hanging this, because it is so big and heavy and irreplaceable. I think he did a fine job, it hasn't fallen down yet!


beatrice said...

Hey! I remember that clock too! What a beautiful piece, I am really happy to see that hanging in your home. 8-)

Charlotte said...

I think that looks great in your house. I can't wait to come by and see it.