Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi from the Alehouse

Yes, this is a picture my friend took with her new Blackberry (tm). We had Girl's night this eve. I drank a couple of Guinness. On our way home, about three blocks out from the bar (we had 4 blocks left to get back to Edgehill House) my friend called her husband (who was playing D&D at my house with the other boys) to come pick her up. We convinced her to walk another block, but then she quit walking. She wears high heeled shoes, and then she blames it on me because I am taller than she is. I offered to carry her piggyback all the way home, but she declined in a most rude way. So her hubby picked us up three blocks from home. Thanks McDM, for the ride! Whoo! Thanks Keith, for watching the kids! You guys are GREAT!


Charlotte said...

Wish I was there.

Serafina said...

I wish you were too! We need to get to work on that Teleport Machine, so we can see each other in person more often!