Saturday, October 18, 2008

They are finished! I started them in late September (for Keith's birthday) and finished them last night. The Knucks (the pattern is FREE from are here!
Keith wore them out to play darts with his buddy last night, I think they will serve him well this fall. Aren't they cool?
I learned to use DPNs (double pointed needles) on this project. It is rather like knitting an octopus, but after a little while it gets easier.
Now I finish my Warmest Hat In The World, then I;ll start in on the Christmas presents (I have a few from last year that I didn't finish!) so if you want a pair of Knucks for Christmas, let me know. You might get them by 2010.


Charlotte said...

I would like a pair for Dave. If you can't get them to me by Christmas next hunting season would work.

Serafina said...

What color? I might find a cool cammo colorway, if he hunts things that require cammo-coloring.
Like this
or this

Charlotte said...

Anything like that would be cool. He does hunt deer. (never gets one, LOL)