Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out for a Walk

The weather has been so nice for the last couple of days, Delia and Tycho and I have been enjoying long walks through the neighborhood. Delia reads everything she sees, from graffiti to political yard signs, and so as we walked by an Obama/Biden sign, she read it out loud.
Delia : "Why do they have that sign in the yard?"
me : "That's who they want to be President."
Delia : "I want to vote for President."
me : "Technically you can't, until you're 18."
Delia : "It says on Nickelodeon that Kids will pick the President."
me : "Maybe you could tell Nickelodeon who you would vote for, but you can't really affect the outcome of the race."
Delia : "How do I decide who I should vote for?"
me : "Look at the issues that are important to you, and see what the candidates say about them."
Delia : "What are issues?"
me : "They're like, problems that you are worried about for your future. What problems are you most worried about?"
Delia : "I don't ever want to have a baby!"
me : "What?"
Delia : "Yeah, I saw a show about it on TLC, it looks HORRIBLE. I'm never having a baby."
me : "But having a family is kind of nice."
Delia : "I'll adopt a homeless kid. But I never want to have a baby."
me : "Then I guess you might want to vote for the Democrats."


Charlotte said...

HAHAHA, kids are funny.

bnicholson said...

OMG! priceless!

A Chicken said...

That is f*ing hysterical! Who let her watch cable, her grandmother? :-)