Sunday, October 12, 2008

Toys and Games

I sat down this morning at the computer to read up on Feats for my D&D character, since I earned enough points in last night's game to make 12th level. Nobody who reads this blog cares though, I know, but I also made the revelation last night that the game is actually MORE fun when there aren't 24 beers sitting in the fridge when we start playing! But I never actually made it to the D20 Resource because I got sidetracked first by catshit.
Yes, catshit. Every cat owner knows how annoying it is. Lately here at Edgehill House we have experienced the drastic comparison between the eliminations of one 5 lb dog and that of 2 16 lb cats. Since I have been using fabric tote bags at the grocery store lately, my supply of plastic t-shirt bags has declined. I reached into my plastic-bag-holder the other day and came up empty. Into what shall I scoop the contents of my cat-litter pan? Oh My! So I get one of the little blue baggies that are attached to Tycho's leash, these are supposedly biodegradable. Great idea, yes? I guess so, but it just illustrates for me how much waste my cats create. I bet half the weight of my household garbage is made up of catcrap! The sheer volume of catshit is three to four times that of our daily dogcrap, and the dog usually goes outside!
This morning one of my cats takes a constitutional while I'm websurfing and drinking coffee (and the same thing happened last night while my Gamer friends were all sitting around my dining room table eating Windmill Cookies). Jehesius Chee-rhist! I was embarrassed last night and annoyed this morning, in both cases it required my immediate response. Sometimes people have suggested (very diplomatically) that we move the catbox upstairs, to the laundry room maybe... I have tried this, and the cats just crap on the floor where the litter box used to be. So we live with it, and let me tell you how it has been "enhanced" by a cat who sneaks in and eats dog food whenever he can. PU!
So anyway, first I was distracted by my stinky cat box, then I was distracted by an email about TVshows I don't even watch - there was a picture of Christian Slater, I was compelled to click! Stupid marketing... And then I was distracted by a link to the new toy I want for Xmas... the ASUS Eee PC.
I saw this toy at Target, it is in fact right in the toy department (except across the aisle in Electronics, which is just toys for adults). It is a tiny computer, about the size of a trade paperback, weighing less than 2 lbs, that would Fit In My Purse. It runs on Linux and automatically connects to any open Wi-Fi connection. It has just enough processing power to surf the internet. I want want want it. I want it like my daughter wants a Wii. I will have it, eventually. My Geek Friend Steve(n) tells me that Mac is releasing a mini-notebook this coming Tuesday, and then he spent 15 minutes showing me how his iPod did everything I could want and more. So I will look at Apple's offering (Dell also has a teeny meenie, but it costs more than the ASUS and runs Windows), but I am still attracted to the immediacy of walking into Target with three hundred dollars in cash and walking out with a little friend to take to the Riverstone, where the Guinness is draft and the Wi-Fi is free. Keith says then he will be able to write a book about being an internet widower.


charlotte said...

I am scared of the tiny computer. I lose my keys so often who knows what would happen to a helpless computer.
Have you tried the bags they make for baby diapers for the cat poop? They are big enough for two poopy diapers so they should hold cat poop and they smell like baby powder. You can get them at Target. I would be happy to mail you a sample to try out.

Serafina said...

That is a GREAT idea. Like bags for the Diaper Genie? I really appreciated that thing when Delia was little.