Monday, October 13, 2008

Understand your Government

Everyone should at least be aware of the things in this video. You guys know that During the DNC and the RNC both, independent journalists were arrested, or in a few cases held without charges, their equipment was confiscated, they were essentially prevented from doing their jobs. And why, because they were terrorists? Well, yeah, they have the power to incite riots! They breed dissent with their coverage of unlawful arrests of protesters. Yeah, if you disagree with the government and get people fired up about it, then you are kinda a terrorist. I think, technically, you're a Domestic Terrorist. Keith is hiding his (completely legal) guns right now, cause he says as soon as I post this video the government spooks will be using their data mining technologies and then their Google Earth satellite photos to pinpoint out location. Then they'll visit us dressed up as Mormons and when they've established that we don't have an appropriate fear of God, they can arrest us under the Domestic Terrorist Act, and hold us indefinitely without charges (all the while torturing us with bad food and cheap cigarettes, not to mention waterboarding) untill we break and promise not to question the Government, cause the Government is just doing God's work and we must have faith. Blech, excuse me while I go vomit.


LadyElmo said...

Perhaps it is naive of me, but with my family.... I'm not too worried about this!

heheheheh.... You know you can always come and live here.

Serafina said...

I hope you never have to worry about it, but if your father in law or your husband ever has to defend his right to own a gun, would either one of them just hand them over to uniformed army officers?

Patsy said...

Jamrs Clavell wrote a book-novella really, called The Children's Story. I love him, as a writer, and I taught (I use that word loosely) as a text bck in the day [Flemington HIgh] There is FEAR in the populace, or there should be... that our freedoms are eroding. But, we are going to loose them to an uneducated populace, who think that the 19th century should never have happened, or they don't even know the strides we made then and how they changed the world for all of us today. Those who know not history are doomed to repeat it. And, of course the famous expression "Man is no damn good." and my perennial favorite: There are no permanent allies, only permanent interests. - G. Washington